How to clone SD Card?

So, You bought new SD Card and want to smoothly move all Your data from the old one to the new one. I will try to explain how to do this in a few simple steps.

You will need the following free software:

HDD Raw Copy Tool: Download
MiniTool Partition Wizard: Download
Windows Computer
x Gb free harddrive space to temporary store data from old memory card


Copy data from old SDCard to a temporary file on Your computer

1.1 Select the Source

Insert the original SDCard in the card reader on Your computer and start the program HDD Raw Copy Tool and Select “Generic USB SD Reader” as the source.

Press  the “Continue” button to proceed.

1.2 Select Destination

Next double-click “Double-click to open file” option (!) as on image below

Enter filename and location for the temporary file on the hard disk. In our example “D:\SD\” directory is used as location and “SDCardImage” as filename. Proceed clicking “Save”.

On the next screen confirm the destination file by clicking Continue>>>

1.3 Copy the data to a temporary file

Now You only have to click START button to start coping data from old SD Card to the temporary file on hard drive of Your computer.

and watch how the data moves from Your old small SD Card to a file on Your computer

Wait to the end of this process. You will notice that by the green progress bar and the comment saying “100% complete”.

Now You must exit HDD Raw Copy Tool by pressing red cross

Copy data from temporary file to Your new SD Card

2.1 Select the source data

Insert the new SD Card into the SD card reader on Your computer. Start the HDD Raw Copy Tool program again. On first screen select “FILE” by double clicking on it

and select previously created file on Your computer– in our case it will be d:\SD\SDCardImage.imgc file and press Open

on the next screen press Continue>>> button

2.2 Select the destination

Now you must select the destination (the new SD Card). In our example it is “SD” “SD” as I have build-in SDCard reader in my notebook. In Your case it may be “USB”
“Generic USB SD Reader” or something similar

and click Continue>>> button

2.3 Check settings an finalize copying

On the following screen You will see summarization of Your choices.Check if all settings are correct an click START button.

On the final Warning click Yes button to start copying data to the new SD Card.


After short time (depending on the size and speed of the new SD Card) HDD Raw Copy Tool will be done copying data to the new SD Card

Close the HDD Raw Copy Tool by pressing the red X.


Congratulations! All Your data from old SD Card are now on Your bigger an faster new SD Card.


Adjust the size

Now we must adjust size of the partitions on the new SDCard to adjust it to the new bigger capacity.


2.1 Start MiniPartition Wizard tool

During coping of the SD Card, also the size of partitions is copied. So You have to extend old partitions to the new bigger capacity of the new SD Card. To do so, start the MiniTool Partition Wizard program and find disk with free space on it (description of that space will be “Unallocated”). You will see a drive letter (in the example “F:”) as 512mb and next to it 1.4 GB “Unallocated”. That is how we recognize our new cloned SD Card.

2.2. Extend Partition

Now You can extend the partition by right clicking on it and choosing “Extend” as on image bellow.

2.3 Set new size

Next you can select the new size by moving the slider. To use the entire SD Card just move the slider to maximum as on screenshot bellow. Proceed by clicking “OK” button.

2.4 Apply changes

On the next screen You will see that our partition F: is now 1.9 GB  instead 512MB of the original SD Card. To finalize the resizing process click Apply button.

and confirm changes by clicking Yes button on next screen

2.5 Success

After few whiles of applying changes

You will see the following screen

Now You can exit it by clicking OK button and close MiniTool Partition Wizard.